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TD05 Turbocharger 49178-02320 for Mitsubishi 4D34

TD05 Turbocharger 49178-02320 for Mitsubishi 4D34
TD05 Turbocharger 49178-02320 for Mitsubishi 4D34
TD05 Turbocharger 49178-02320 for Mitsubishi 4D34TD05 Turbocharger 49178-02320 for Mitsubishi 4D34
Product Details:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China
Model Number:TD05
OEM Number:49178-02320
Engine Brand & Type:Mitsubishi 4D34
Holdwell Number:HW25360
Minimum Order Quantity:10pcs
Packaging Details:Holdwell Packing or Neutral packing
Delivery Time:3-7 days after payment
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,Credit Card,Credit payment.
Supply Ability:5000pcs/month
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TD05 Turbocharger 49178-02320 for Mitsubishi 4D34


ENGINE MODEL:Mitsubishi 4D34

OEM NO.:49178-02320

PART NO.:49178-02320 49178-03122 28230-45000



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3.short delivery

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quality turbo kits guaranty.

1.100% passed dynamic balance test k18 material

3.100% compatible mounting dimensions

4.cartridge compatible assembly size

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Turbocharger TD04-11G-4Mitsubishi 4D56Q PAJERO 2.5L49177-02511MD187211MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-11G-4Mitsubishi 2.5LD 4D56Q EC49177-02500MD170563MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-11G-4Mitsubishi 2.5LD 4D56Q EC49177-02501MD187208MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-11G-4Mitsubishi 4D56/D4BF/D4BH QEC 49177-02512MD194845MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-11G-4Mitsubishi 4D56/D4BF/D4BH QEC49177-02513MR355225/28200-42540 MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-11G-4Mitsubishi 4D56Q DOM49177-02503MR355224MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-9BMitsubishi 4D55 49177-01010MD083538MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04L-13GMitsubishi Subaru EJ20049377-0400014412AA100MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4D56 Pajero Sport / L200 4x4 2.549135-02110MR212759MHI Turbo
TF035HL2-12GKMitsubishi 4D56 L20049135-02652MR968080MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Challenger49135-03110ME202012MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Delicia49135-03101ME201677MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4M4049135-03200ME202466MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Canter49135-03300ME202879MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Pajero49135-03310ME202966MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12TMitsubishi 4M40 shogun intercooled49135-03130ME202578MHI Turbo
TF035HM-12T-5Mitsubishi 4M40 lancer49135-04900
MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD04-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Pajero 2.8L49377-03053ME201637MHI Turbo
TD04-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Pajero 2.849377-03030ME200897MHI Turbo
TD04-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Pajero 2.849377-03031ME201257MHI Turbo
TD04-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Pajero 2.8L intercooled49377-03041ME201258MHI Turbo
TD04-12TMitsubishi 4M40 Pajero 2.8L intercool49377-03043ME201636MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TDO7-22A/21Mitsubishi Excavator 6D16T49175-00418ME050579MHI Turbo
TD06-6Mitsubishi 4D31T 49179-00500ME132165MHI Turbo
TD07-9Mitsubishi 6D16T FUSO Truck49187-00271ME073573MHI Turbo
TD07-9Mitsubishi 49187-01010
MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD07-22AMitsubishi S6D14T49175-00428 ME032938 MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD08Mitsubishi 6D2249174-01142ME053936MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD08Mitsubishi 6D22T49188-01262ME035940MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD05H-14BMitsubishi 4G63TC Galant 2.0L 49178-01410MD168037MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD05Mitsubishi 4D31T49178-00500ME080098 MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD08-22D/28Mitsubishi Kato SK16-N2 6D22T 49174-00560/6
MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TE06HMitsubishi 6D34T49185-01010ME088725MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD05H-16GMitsubishi 4G63N Lancer Evo 3 2.0L49178-01470ME083572 MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD05Mitsubishi 4D31T Sumitomo 12049178-00550
MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TD06Mitsubishi 6D31T 49179-02110ME088256 MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TE06H-16MMitsubishi Kobelco SK200 6D3449185-01020 ME088846MHI Turbo
Turbocharger TA3134/T3134Mitsubishi 6D31-T KOBELCO SK200-5 466129-0003MD088488Garrett Turbo

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