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Perkins Turbo charger . We have various types of turbocharger fit for Perkins diesel engines ,such as T04E35, TBP4, TB4131, TB25, S2B . Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our turbocharger.

Buy Turbocharger Directly From Turbo Charger Manufacturer . Professional turbo kits exporter from China .Original Turbo Make :  

Garrett Turbo , Schwitzer Turbo .

Turbo ModelApplicationTurbo Part NO.Turbo OE NO.Remark
Perkins Turbo T04E35Perkins Agricultural 1006.6THR3452077-00032674A071Garrett Turbo
Perkins Turbo TBP4Perkins Truck 210TI DDC452024-00012674A128 - 2674A129 - 2674A131Garrett Turbo
Perkins Turbo TB4131G.R. T6.60466828-00022674A109Garrett Turbo
Perkins Turbo TB25Perkins Phaser T4.40452065-00032674A150Garrett Turbo
Perkins Turbo TB25Perkins Loader 1004-4 THR3 - TD40QC 4.0L452073-0002 / 452073-00042674A056Garrett Turbo
Perkins Turbo S2BPhaser 160T, T6-60cc, T6-354315026 / 466828-00062674407Schwitzer Turbo

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