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Mercedes AMG Porsche compete simply

Mercedes, there are real AMG, as the SLS or the C 63 AMG, and then those like an ordinary Class C is adorned with a decorative Christmas package AMG.

But at Mercedes, as we sold the SLS like hot cakes (more than 5000 copies), we say that there is an untapped niche in the brand with the star and which would allow rapid margins and profits: creating a branch of special vehicles, supercars what!

And what better than to feed the buzz to say that we want to just address a popular reference of its kind? Miss 911 …

And that Christoph Jung, director of development of the AMG division, which dropped the piece: ” There is room for a model under the SLS AMG , targeting the Porsche 911. This is the next market for AMG, we consider the best mix “…

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