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Honeywell projects big jump in automotive turbos by 2018

Reuters published an article about the growing interest in turbochargers globally saying “The use of turbochargers to boost power in smaller automotive engines is expected to increase rapidly over the next five years, with the greatest growth anticipated in China, according to Honeywell International, a major player in the sector.” Citing TS President and CEO Terrence Hahn at length, the article predicts China will see the number of turbocharged vehicles growing from about 4 million this year to 10 million in 2018. North America, another fast-growing market, will expand from 3.9 million to 6.5 million over the same period. Reflecting the rising popularity of turbochargers in all major markets, Hahn says Honeywell has more than 500 new applications that are expected to reach production within the next 24 months.

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