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Cummins 6BT Turbocharger H1C 3535430

Cummins 6BT Turbocharger H1C 3535430
Cummins 6BT Turbocharger H1C 3535430
Cummins 6BT Turbocharger H1C 3535430
Product Details:
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China
Model Number:H1C
OEM Number:3535430
Engine Brand & Type:Cummins 6BT
Holdwell Number:3535430
Size:320*270*320 mm
Minimum Order Quantity:10pcs
Packaging Details:Holdwell Packing or Neutral packing
Delivery Time:3-7 days after payment
Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,Credit Card,Credit payment.
Supply Ability:5000pcs/month
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Cummins 6BT Turbocharger H1C 3535430

Turbo Model:H1C

Engine Model:Cummins 6BT

OEM NO.:3535430

Part NO.:3522777 3522778 3528740 3528741 3528749 3531456 3535381 3535430

Size:320*270*320 mm



1.high quality

2.competitive price

3.short delivery

4.considerate service


Why is HOLDWELL Turbo Kits


1. Professional turbo kits manufacturer for over ten years in China.

2. OEM Service and good at export all over the world.

3. Wide range of products, good quality, reasonable price, timely delivery and  nice service.




Quality Turbo Kits Guaranty.

1.100% Passed Dynamic Balance Test

2.Support K18 material

3.100% Compatible mounting dimensions

4.Cartridge compatible assembly size


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Cummins Turbo H1E6CT3525488Holset Turbo
H1E6CT35287773524034Holset Turbo
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H1E6CT3531793Holset Turbo
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H1E6CT 3532801Holset Turbo
H1E6BT 8.3L3590079Holset Turbo
H1E6CT 240PS,HYUNDAI R290-535240343802303 - 76191575 316468 Substitutive 
H1E6CT 211PS3528789Holset Turbo
H1E6CT 211PS3528793Holset Turbo
H1E6CT 211PS3528794Holset Turbo
H1E6CT 240PS3535536Holset Turbo
H1E6BTA 240PS4050259Holset Turbo
H1E6CTA35271073802257Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo WH1C6BTA 210PS3533316Holset Turbo
WH1C6BTA 210PS3534932Holset Turbo
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WH1C/TB346BTA470082-5007A3960408/4035240Holset Turbo
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WH1C6BTAA 210PS4029061Holset Turbo
WH1C6BTA 180PS3539428Holset Turbo
WH1C6BTA4035240Holset Turbo
WH1C6BTA4035241Holset Turbo
WH1C6BTA4035242Holset Turbo
WH1C6BTA4050149Holset Turbo
WH1C6CTA 240PS4029601Holset Turbo
WH1E6CTA 240PS4029017Holset Turbo
WH1E6CTA 220PS4029018Holset Turbo
WH1E6CTA 220PS3596349Holset Turbo
WH1E6CTA 220PS3593359Holset Turbo
WH1E6CTAA 240PS3596350Holset Turbo
WH1E6CTAA 240PS3596351Holset Turbo
WH1E6BT 240PS3596352Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX356BT 1604035188Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX30W4BT 81KW 35920153800709Elite 3.9L 
HX30W4BTAA3592317/3592318/ 35988144050221Holset Turbo
HX30W6BT4089772Holset Turbo
HX30W4BTA3802906Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX35W6BTAA 210PS3532494Holset Turbo
HX35W6BTA3960478Holset Turbo
HX35W6CTAA 240PS3536469Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX406CT3537558Holset Turbo
HX406CT4035233Holset Turbo
HX406CT4035235Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX40W6CT 300PS3537288Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT 230PS3535635Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT 215PS3535636Holset Turbo
HX40WCUMMINS 6CTAA3537127Holset Turbo
HX40WEuro3 C300303596147Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT 240PS3539208Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT 3004050037Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT 3004050118Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT 3004050038Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA 300HP35364043802784Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA 300HP35364053802785Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT3538856Holset Turbo
HX40W6CT3538857Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA4029195Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA230PS4050063Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA240PS4050202Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA245PS4050213Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA240PS4050204Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA245PS4050217Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA4029181Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA4029184Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA4029110Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA4035248Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTA4035258Holset Turbo
HX40W6CTAA3536460Holset Turbo
HX30W4BT3592316Holset Turbo
HX30WKAMATSU 4BT3592015Holset Turbo
HX30W4BTAA3592318Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo TB314BT717617-5001Garrett Turbo
TB314BTAA715267-5001Garrett Turbo
TB314BTAA715267-5002Garrett Turbo
TB314BTAAE3900158Garrett Turbo
Cummins Turbo TA34066BT160PS451567-5005Garrett Turbo
TA34066BT3528747Garrett Turbo
Cummins Turbo TA31346BT160PSME088488Garrett Turbo
Cummins Turbo TBP46BTAA3971620Garrett Turbo
TBP46BT5.9A3960504Garrett Turbo
TBP46BTA5.9702646-5004Garrett Turbo
TBP46BTAA 210PS702646-5005Garrett Turbo
TBP46BTAA 230PS702646-5006Garrett Turbo
TBP46BTAA230PS702646-5009Garrett Turbo
TBP46BTAA230PS702646-5007Garrett Turbo
TBP46BTAA230PS702646-5008Garrett Turbo
TB346BT5.9471182-5005Garrett Turbo
TB346BT5.9471182-5007Garrett Turbo
TB346BT5.9471182-5010Garrett Turbo
TB346BT5.9700793-5001Garrett Turbo
TB346BT5.9700793-5002Garrett Turbo
TB346BT5.9700793-5002Garrett Turbo
Cummins Turbo HT3BNT8553529037Holset Turbo
HT3BNT855 239KW 14L 1964643522867Borg Warner 
HT3BNTA855-C3529040 3803279 167050 schwitzerHolset Turbo
HT3BNT8553592032Holset Turbo
HT3BNT85535234103801596Holset Turbo
HT3BNT8553522867196464Holset Turbo
HT3BNT8553529037Holset Turbo
HT3BNT8553522869/3522870Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HC5AKTA193525850Holset Turbo
HC5AKTA383523393Holset Turbo
HC5AKTA383801884Holset Turbo
HC5AKTA38-L3801726Holset Turbo
HC5ASKTA383803015Holset Turbo
HC5ASKTA383801724Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX50 M1135372453803939Holset Turbo
HX50M113804546Holset Turbo
HX50M114029178Holset Turbo
HX50M1135372453803939Holset Turbo
HX50M114050110Holset Turbo
HX50M113594809Holset Turbo
HX50M114024969Holset Turbo
HX50M113803939Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX55M114039173Holset Turbo
HX55M113590044Holset Turbo
HX55M113800471Holset Turbo
HX55M113536995Holset Turbo
HX55M114037344Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HT603532410Holset Turbo
Cummins Turbo HX80KTA193529870Holset Turbo
HX80KTA193537685Holset Turbo
HX80KTA193594163Holset Turbo
HX80KTA19/KTA38 3594131Holset Turbo
HX80KTTA193801803Holset Turbo
HX80KTTA193594066Holset Turbo
HX80KTTA503594117/18/19/20/213803474Holset Turbo

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